Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chronic Junkie

I know I have issues.  I try to restrain myself, but issues have a way of making issues.  I'm hopeless when it comes to taking in abandoned pets (among other things).  I think I've done well as of late.  Our zoo's population has stabilized.  But temptations come in all forms.

Craigslist is a dangerous place for me.  It never fails, I fall for the scams and heart-breakers every time.  You'd think I'd stop looking.  Nope.  Because every now and again there is a genuine find on there.  Well, at least some kind of find.

There was a listing from an apartment manager asking for someone to adopt a pet she found abandoned in one of their units.  Cage and all.  Just come get it.  I stewed a bit and ended up passing it up ... at first.  Then I got to thinking about how terrible that was for someone to leave the poor critter behind, locked up, without food.  That's irresponsible and insensitive (and I'm pretty sure there exists laws against it).  So I looked the ad up once again.  Still there.  I mentioned it to my hubby as he was leaving for work this morning, and he didn't have much of a reaction.  That's usually a good sign.  After talking myself into it, I sent him a text asking if he would go with me at lunch to pick this poor baby up.  No answer.  "Are you ignoring me?"  "No."

That 'no' was aimed at the ignoring part, right?  Or was it meant to say he wouldn't go with me?  He didn't say, "Don't go get it."  I had already told him I wouldn't keep it.  I'd just keep it fed until I could find someone to take it in.  I know people out there are always looking for one.  Surely it wouldn't take too long.

When I checked for the ad again, it was gone.  Someone took the critter home.  I'll admit I was sad.  I know I don't need anymore pets.  I already have three cats, one of which is pure evil even though I saved her from a kill shelter.  The tort and the dragon are here, but they don't require nearly as much attention as the others.  Do you even count fish?  I mean, really?  If so, four ... no ... five of those.  One never come out of the rock.  And then there's my longest running house pet, the hateful love bird.  When I said the cat was evil, I guess I was wrong.  Her seedy attempts on my life are nothing compared to what the bird come up with.  So why would I need to bring home another that would probably hate me more than the cat, dragon, and bird?  And this would have been the scariest of all.

A tarantula.

I guess it's a good thing someone else took it in.  Tiny spiders give me nightmares.  Me adopting a tarantula is just asking for more trouble.