Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July ... Thus Far

I think this month has been filled with me making plans, but not really sticking to them.  I helped my parents with a yard sale at the beginning of the month.  One day only.  I think we set a record.  We had it up and going not much after 6 am and then everything sold by 10 am.  That gave us plenty of time to pick out donuts and find beds for naps before lunch.

My only baggage that day and since then is a baby dove.  I tried putting him back in his nest, but he kept falling out.  It was about to storm and he was huddled in the gutter, so I brought him in.  I tried the next day to put him back and ended up bringing him home with me.  Hand feeding isn't bad, I'm just a clean freak and baby birds like to get their meals on everything around them.  By the time he was done with hand feeding, I had figured out an easy to clean method.  So he moved on to seed.  Time to let him fly away, right?

He's still in our garage.  We've let him go.  He comes back.  I think he's attached to the Land Rover in the garage.  He still has the baby bird chirp, so I'm not in a hurry to push him out.  He's nice to visit with when I'm out there doing laundry or working in the yard.  He stays just out of reach and chirps the whole time.  When Colt comes home, the bird goes all crazy and flies to him like he's been starved.  I always figured it would be that way if we ever had children.  Colt would be the fun parent. 

There's a row of windows across the top of our garage doors and Baby Bird sits up there and watches the day pass by.  I make sure to wave to him when I go out to the car and when I come back home.  He's still sitting in the same place with that goofy dove face.  He roosts on the Land Rover.  Colt isn't a fan of that.  I'll have to wash it once Baby Bird finally decides to leave us.  He's made a mess of it (and everything else in the garage).

Cello progress is slow.  I've been told I'm being too technical.  "Lighten up.  Relax."  Apparently I'm not a calm person.  But I'm still loving it.  Diesel still hides when I play.  I don't take that personal anymore, though.  He hides when I have my learning-on-line videos playing too.  And that guy plays beautifully.  Diesel just hates the cello.