Thursday, August 22, 2013

Already August

This month is going by too quickly.  I keep thinking it's still July.  No real reason, just good at getting lost in time.  Let's see ... updates.  Baby Bird flew away.  He surprised me.  He stuck around for awhile so I figured he was getting comfy.  I set up a bird feeder in the back yard and another bird bath, and he took off.  Yes, I stood out in the middle of the yard and waited for him to come back.  I haven't seen him since.  Sad to see him go, but I hope he's found a much more spacious sky than the little bit around our house.

Now there is a baby gutter-kitty hanging out.  I thought it was Bob (the neighbor's cat), but it turned out to be a mini version of him.  I'm checking into any feral cat programs in the area to see if I can at least get him fixed and vaccinated.  There's already a bunch of gutter-kitties around here.  I know the next county over has a feral cat program.  This one needs one.  I guess I shouldn't get into that.  The soap box gets a little worn out.

Oneiros has been cooperative lately.  I'm trying to write up a synopsis for a certain publishing house.  It's still a little early, but knowing how many times I rewrite things, it's probably a good time to at least get the basics down.  I have the end of Oneiros written, but there's still a few holes in the manuscript.

Oh, and the AC is out again.  We replaced the outside unit not too long ago.  Two window units are keeping it cool enough for now.  We're scheduled to have the system checked.  I hope it's nothing major.  Odds are the inside unit needs replacing.  It didn't get a good report on its last check-up.  We've been expecting something like this.  I'm just glad this summer has not has been as hot as last year.  I know it isn't over yet, but there's been a major difference.  A nice difference.

I've ordered Of Triton from the new bookstore in town.  It's supposed to come in today.  I'm excited about that.  I've lost track of Anna Bank's series and need to get back with the program.  Now the trick will be getting this copy signed.  I think I lucked out last time when she came to Houston. 

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