Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Means Changes

To be honest, I never thought there was anything different about the month of September until these past few years.  It's difficult to explain, but it has this feel about it.  I guess it's like a change in the weather (although the weather hasn't changed here)  But there is a change coming.  Maybe that's all there is to it.

Or maybe it's just me.

Not many noteworthy updates in the writing department.  I should be in writers' detention for how negligent I've been to my works.  Then I sort of tried crossing two different stories.  It sucked.  I probably won't do that again.  That idea I mentioned awhile back including that dark and quiet character comes and goes.  I have a little file open for it. 

I'm about to drop Always & Forever.  I know I shouldn't, but I think I've taken too long as it is.  It's time seems to have passed.  Unless it pulls an "Oneiros" and beats me upside the head with an "Ah hah!" moment.  I don't mind those.  I wonder if they ever come at a convenient time, though.

I've brought home another tort.  Also a Sulcata.  I didn't realize how much Tiff has grown.  The newbie looks like a mini tort nugget when they're together.  But I did find out a goof.  Tiff is a boy.  Oops.  Now he's gonna have a complex about his girly name.  I'm sure he doesn't even realize I call him by a name, but now it's just not right.  Can you rename a pet after having them for five (or more) years?  I've been calling the baby Ping since I brought it home.  I don't plan on keeping that name.  It's more of a reference.  I was holding the tiny tort on the way home and it tumbled out of my hand when we pulled into the drive.  Poor thing looked like a ping pong ball bouncing around in the truck.  Colt looked at me with accusing eyes and said, "Don't tell me that's the tort."  I just tucked the baby back in it's carrier and went inside.  So now Colt calls me a bad tort-momma.  I am a little worried about this one.  It is more accident prone than the others have been.  It's usually upside down when I check on it.  But it's already growing quickly, so I hope it quits trying to scale the side of it's enclosures and finds something else to occupy its mind about.

Now there is a lot of rock in my life.  And I still need to be banned from craigslist.  I've been looking for large rocks or stones to build a patio with.  I think it's ridiculous how much people/places sell rock for.  IT'S ROCK.  But I guess it's no different than water or grass.  You still end up paying for that.  Anywho, I finally found an ad with plenty of rock to accomplish my plans.  After checking in with the guy, a price was set and an appointment made for me (and whoever I could drag along with me) to get this stuff.  That same day I learn the guy I've been talking to is the middle man.  The guy in charge says something about discussing prices when we decide how much of the rock I want.  Also that same day, the truck and trailer I had reserved for hauling several tons of rock ends up spending the entire day and much of the following night in North Texas.  Now Mr. Rock doesn't answer his phone.  So we meet up at the rock pile anyway.  He's doubled the price.  I hesitate.  It's still a 'deal' considering the sheer amount of rock, but it's rock and I don't see why it costs so much.  I start backing out.  "The truck and trailer is out of town.  I only brought this much money.  I wasn't able to bribe many people into helping me haul this stuff."  He counters.  "I have a trailer you can use for as long as you need.  Take as much time and rock as you like.  I'll even load it today with a Bobcat, that'll make things easier.  You can bring the difference later."  My mind was screaming "NO!", but I handed him the money.  We ended up using a different truck and a the much smaller trailer to bring home the first load.  Day two, we return the trailer and end up loading rock into the back of the truck by hand.  Day three, the truck and trailer I planned to use showed up, but loaded their own supply of rock and left.  My parents and I piled some in the back of my truck and headed home.  Those big rocks are a little unnerving to move in the dark.  But it's coming together.

Now I have to talk myself into paying for sand as a base.  BUT IT'S SAND!

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