Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From Shattered Remnants Bk II - The Healing Queen

I didn't even try to hide my smile.  My mind cleared
and let me think beyond Regan's condition.  He was my
biggest worry, but I could breath again.  "Good," I said as
I pet his arm.  It still felt cool and damp.
     His eyes eased open and focused on me.  "I can't
believe you think so little of me."
     My guilt returned and froze me in place.  I had nearly
gotten him killed.  How could I ever regain his trust?
Zacairus' hand came to my shoulder as I tried to apologize,
but nothing came out.
     Regan closed his eyes and shook his head once.  "Not a
threat," he mumbled.  "I could have taken them both with or
without my sword."
     I choked on a chuckle and lost out to another smile.
"I know," I said as I took his hand in mine.  "But if they
knew that, they would have turned you into a porcupine."
     His lopsided grin was all I needed.  To have Regan in
good spirits meant he was already feeling better.  I winced
to think he might still be sore at me.  

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