Friday, November 21, 2014

Drawing Board

As all of you know, I have too many books waiting to be finished.  Always & Forever ... I will make no excuses.  Oneiros ... I'm pushing A&F.  Lots of other scribbles along the way.  The one story I've been working on for more than a decade is Shattered Remnants.  Book I - The Veiled Heiress has seen many, many rewrites. 

They've struck again.

There were a few elements within the Shattered Remnants series that had me uneasy.  While it is a story that my mind and imagination and weirdness has conjured up, I've not been happy with it as a whole.  It's been about two weeks that I finally stepped back and gave it an ultimatum.  Either leave me alone and I delete everything that has to do with the series, or evolve into a story that doesn't pretty-up things I don't stand for.  The quitting won for a while.  I cried over it.  Lost sleep.  Hated everything.  But why?  It's stupid to be like that.  It's just a story ... and it's only in my head.  It's not out there for others to miss if I threw it away.

Recently, it has began to reform.  It's hard to say if it's still the same story.  The characters are there.  The conflict is there.  The love and the fear is there.  The dangers and threats still exist.  But it has a different feel to it.  I'm undecided. 

I want to see this story, above all my other stories, come to life.  I want this one in print.  I want it on shelves.  I want it to have loyal fans.  It's my baby.  I want to see it through.

So there you have it.  I'm at another fork in the road.  It's beyond clear that I need to wrap up A&F and Oneiros.  They're done in my head.  Why can't I get them to transfer to the file?  Ugh.

... still trying.

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  1. Hopefully all is ok with your projects' futures since November...

    I have one 100,000+ novel that waits and waits for editing - waiting since around 2009 or so.
    It, being my first full-length project, was quite a struggle after writing skits and plays for so many years - in present tense.

    I moved on, used the same characters in other books (so I 'have' them as mine) and plan to get back to it one day, possibly after my current project.

    I had to set aside all thoughts for other projects in order to focus on my current work.
    Usually, maybe you do the same, I would get a 'great' idea and start the outline, character profiles, and basic direction for the proposed story - this filled my mind with too many distractions.

    Anyway... have fun and enjoy your projects - good luck!