Sunday, September 21, 2014

Calming Beach is Live

Calming Beach is a short story that takes place between Where to Belong and Always & Forever.  It is told from Skyler's point of view.  I'm releasing it as an ebook only.  And it's free.  That's always a plus.

It has been nearly a year since Madison and Skyler married and relocated to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Here, they are settling into a new life of their own.  Seemingly worlds away from Chicago and Morgan and all his goons, perhaps it is time for them to find happiness.  Yet, for two run-a-way miscreants, what kind of happiness can they expect?

Monday, September 8, 2014

*timid wave*

And it's September.  Time is funny like that.  I'm not sure where I left off last time. 

Getting used to the apartment life has gone differently than I thought.  I know I gripe and complain about it, but I think I like it overall.  But I will mention one gripe.  Though I love being on the bottom floor with a view of an undeveloped field, I'm not fond of the snakes that have been dropping by.  I've stopped counting them.  Only, I'm a bit more cautious when I open the door.

I've been too lazy with the cello lately.  I didn't sound well before.  I might have gotten worse.  Yet, I still don't want to give it up.  Am I too stubborn there?

August was extra busy.  Lots of traveling.  Lots of friends.  Good times all around.  I joined a volunteer campaign for the month.  It was a blast.  I do believe I need to get back into that line of work.

Writing.  Writing happens.  The only progress I would actually name is with Oneiros.  There's still two big scenes needing to be written out, but I've started revising it from the beginning.  Maybe I'm recovering from that rejection.  It's about time.

With revising Oneiros, I find myself thinking of other writing projects waiting for attention.  It's like I'm starving them to fatten up Oneiros.  Is that wrong?  I used to be able to juggle several stories at once.  Not anymore.

Oh, awkward moment this evening.  I was talking with an officer living in the next building over.  Wasn't much.  Hi. How are you?  I caught myself staring.  I'm sure he got the wrong idea.  Or I creeped him out.  Either way, conversation ended.  He reminded me of someone.  I didn't realize till I was back home, but I think he's very close to what I see my Garland as in Oneiros.  Would it be too weird to ask if I can take a picture of him?