Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Grounds

I've talked myself into writing a new post today ... how many days since my last post.   Even still, it isn't coming along very quickly.  Just watched the sun come up.  Now I have two kitties oh so patiently waiting for their morning feast.  Breakfast sounds good right now.  Cookie the Hate Bird is chirping her wake up song.  I don't think she's really awake.  It's a slow, broken song.  So it's quiet here.  If all goes as planned, this will be the last morning in for us in the apartment.  Most everything is already moved into the house ... maybe two miles up the road.  Colt stayed the night there.  He's become more excited about moving into the house than I have.  It's the moving part that gets me.

Colt started a new job at the beginning of this week.  We'll be in a new home by the end of it.  That's lots of change.  Hoping to keep it a good change.  Oh, and I've taken on the role of a wedding planner.  The big day is in December, so this will probably keep me busy for awhile.  A good busy.  So I need to get my desk area set up for editing, writing, letter writing, sewing, and wedding planning.  Yes, it's a big desk.

We'll see how many trips it will take to get the rest of this stuff shuttled over to the house.  There wasn't a real rush to move in.  The lease on the apartment has a little more time on it.  We're required to leave it in a perfect state (which has become a bit of a joke), so I'll have several days to dedicate to the supreme cleaning of our dwelling of one year.  It won't take much.  I think it's more about me being a stickler.  Oh, but I will miss the pecan grove.

So I'll go find some breakfast in a box, then pack up the hatchback Volvo with as many boxes as possible, and see how much stuff I can get moved on my own before our help shows up after lunch.  That little car holds more than I thought it would.  As does Dillon's Mini.  Yes, the truck would have probably had it finished by now, but I'm kind of proud of how much we have accomplished with two door, hatchback coupes.