Monday, March 30, 2015

Are You Out There?

I ignore my blog as much as I do my writing anymore.  Shame upon shame.

Now in a house.  So nice to have a place to ourselves and know we have a spot to park our cars when we come home.  Lawn wars is so on.  The lawn is winning.  I'm cheating.  Mow and trim the front yard and keep the gate closed so no one can she the jungle out back.  I know I can't do that forever, but it's holding for the moment.

Camp NaNoWriMo  is coming up.  April.  I'm completely unprepared, but that seems to work best for me in the writing department.  And Camp NaNo is easier on the 'rules'.  So I'm gonna see if I can't make myself finish A&F and get it out.  I have been informed there is a book club waiting for the final book.  They made it clear that it needs to be released SOON.  Yes, Ladies, this is going to happen.  Thank you for your patience and for not hunting me down and flogging me.

Also working as a wedding planner.  That is going well.  Lots of fun stuff and plenty of, "I'm an adult and will not kick this person in the shin."  It's amazing how businesses conduct business.  #willnotrant  #willnotnamenames

And the hedgehog rescue!  The first hedgie I took in was named Spike.  He came from Arlington, Texas.  Thus, I called him Spike Arlington.  (tada!)  He had a few issues.  Mainly dietary and dietary related problems.  Changed him to hedgehog chow and freeze dried bugs and he was loads better.  Still a little on the hefty side for his age, but he was doing great.  And so he was adopted out last week.  I miss hearing his exercise wheel running all hours of the night, but I'm hoping he's adapting to his new home.  The young man who took him in already has a collection of hedgies, so I trust him to make sure Spike stays in good shape.

The second rescue brought in is going to take longer.  We named him Bill.  He came from Austin, so you have Bill Austin.  He's not a happy guy.  He's on an RX and a regular diet, so he's slowly coming around.  Warning, he does bite.  He isn't nice.  But if I were treated and dumped in the condition in which he was, I think I'd bite too.  We give him his space.  He's not growling as much lately.  His quills are beginning to grow back.  These two facts alone make me feel much better for him.  I was afraid the vet was going to recommend putting him down.  But he did warn that Bill's condition would get worse before it gets better, so maybe we're past the worst of it.

The sugar glider is sitting next to me watching me type.  I've yet to name her.  She is an incredibly interesting creature.  She's clever and has a very good memory.  I'm hoping as long as I keep up the steady supply of fresh apples, we will continue to get along.

Anywho, back to the realm of writing.  In all honesty, A&F is being forced.  Oneiros and Tarny have been on my mind.  Science Fiction and Fantasy will be the main stage I'll be writing from.  I can't explain it, but they are easier to stick with.  Ahh, and Bertie Wells steals my attention here and there.  That one is growing.  It was looking to be another short story, but I think I'm overfeeding it.  I just hope it's not in a bad way.  Growing stories are always a trip.

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