Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bring on the Madness

Not really.  I'd like to avoid as much crazy as possible.  This week, and probably the one to follow, will be full of it.  There is a wedding this weekend.  I'm not the planner for this one, just did part of the planning and am now with the group that will decorate the reception hall.  So a load of flowers is supposed to arrive later this week.  I'm going to have to find a way to store them and protect them from my flower-loving cats.  There will we house guests, but that's no biggie.  And the bachelor party will be here.  I'll probably be hiding with the flowers.  Saturday is the wedding, and unless I can pull off some magic tomorrow, I will have exactly one hour to set up the reception hall with one other person ... whom is on crutches.  But no worries.  It's gonna work out.  No choice.

And we have another cat.  I went to the shelter to pick one up that I've been watching online.  She was adopted out before I got there, so I wasn't needed.  Besides, we really didn't need another cat, I was just worried because she had been in the shelter for a long time and I was afraid she was running out of time and might get put to sleep.  Awesome sauce to the people who adopted her.  Then, Saturday morning, someone dumped a kitten in front of our house.  Little baby calico.  Unique coloring.  So we brought her in and fed her, took her to the vet for a check-up and shots, and brought her back to the house and let her run with Diesel and Oliver.  Oliver growled for a while, but I expected that much.  He is comfy with life just the way it is.  Diesel pays close attention to the kitten, following her around and playing.  She is learning all his traits.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.  We'll see if we can find her a home soon.

Nausicaa (the sugar glider) has seemed to forgiven me for taking a weekend away.  She is now sitting on the armrest of my chair while I'm typing.  She's yelled at me today, but I deserved it. 

And I guess that's it for now.  Way past my bedtime and I think Nausicaa has done enough exploring tonight.  I haven't made any new toys for her today, but snacks have happened.  Who doesn't love snacks?