Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Days, weeks, months, and so on have passed since I last gave attention to the blog.  I'm not at all proud of the progress of my writings and stories.  I can pop out a new idea and short story in no time at all, but to finish an actual novel that's been rolling along since 2008, not happening.  Now my cover art is "out dated" because of the nice screens on the newer devices.  I'm not complaining there.  I want better standards for covers.  It's the investing that has me stumped.  Or I'll find an artist I want to work with, then get to know them and review their offerings.  Nope.  Relationship was misjudged.  Dare I say, "I'll keep trying"? 

News?  I don't remember the last post(s).  I just know it's been awhile.  So, here goes ...

Decided to start a backyard flock of hens.  One of six eggs hatched.  Bought four chicks from the people we bought the eggs from.  They're crazy and fun to watch.  We lost one last week.  She was always smaller than the others, but she kept up without any trouble.  She slowed down one day and died the next.  So we now have the four, one still looks for her little sister.  I've contemplated getting another like her, but the age would have to be the same and I'm not sure if the others would let a newbie in.  The pecking order is pretty well set.  Bringing in another isn't fair especially if the new girl is smaller than the others. 

We have at the moment a Nightjar chick that we are hand raising.  It was found on the library roof.  It was there for a short time and no parents showed to care for it.  It eventually fell down a drain pipe and got tangled up, so it was pulled free and forwarded to me.  It has good days and bad days.  It can eat like a porker one day, then take small offerings the next and be grumpy.  I'm guessing it's around 2 weeks of age.  Here's hoping it grows up big and strong and flies away and eats all the bugs that comes its way.

I've joined a local writers' club.  Haven't made any meetings yet.  Thinking I might as well check out of the group.  Maybe I'll peek into Twitter and see if the old group is still kicking.  They were always a helpful bunch. 

Quick!  Assign a release date to Always & Forever.  If I can just get that one out there, I think I'll get back on track with the rest.

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