Friday, January 27, 2017

Getting Back on the Horse

Working to get back on that horse, just gotta catch it first. 

It has been some time since I last sat down and did some serious writing.  I've mainly stuck to the notebooks and scratchpads for any scribbling and letting ideas go where they will.  I have to get past the piddly stuff and back to real writing.

I've probably said this before, but I never intended for Where to Belong to have a sequel.  I only started writing a follow up story because of certain reviews and comments I've received since I first published.  So I fiddled with the idea, then ran with it.  Then tripped and landed on my face.  Other stories called for attention.  Stuff happens.  Now, though, I've gotten a bit of the kick I've been needing to take my writing seriously yet again.

Always & Forever is coming back from the depths of my 'to be finished' pile.

I hope I didn't say that too loud.  I don't want to scare it off again.  Starting small.  Going back to book one for a reread, then looking over what I have for A&F thus far, and then following up with needed adjustments and a possible rewrite.  If it's gotta happen, it's gotta happen.

Oneiros is still pushing to be wrapped up.  It'll probably come along before A&F.  The difference is that I want to find a publishing house to release Oneiros.  A&F will be on me.  Maybe then I'll have a path worn so I can get more of my 'too many to list' projects out of my head, off the computer, and into hard copy format.  That would be ideal.  And work.  Lots of work.  Yep.

Other than that, the urban chickens are doing ok.  One of the ladies got frustrated with Midge and pecked her head bald.  Not ok.  But Midge isn't bothered by it and the others are no longer picking at her, so we'll take it as a lesson learned.  Midge is trying to go broody, so she needs a better nest.  Their larger pen in nearly finished.  I'll have to make sure a special nesting spot is set up for her.  Poor Midge.

The ladies are giving us three eggs a day.  Someone is holding out.  Not sure who.  The eggs have been finding homes quickly.  The demand for back yard chicken eggs is more than I expected.  That's fine.  The hens are fat and happy.  I hope that means their eggs are even better.

I'll be getting back on FB.  Boo.  I promise it's only for my writer page.  Hopefully that will get me active on my Twitter handle as well. 

Here goes nothing!