Monday, May 28, 2018

Hear the Music

Music has always played a big part in my writing.  While I'm not musically talented in any way, I've always admired those who are.  There isn't any one genre I listen to.  My Pandora station is usually on shuffle with too many stations to choose from.  At the moment, Thriving Ivory (aka Midnight Cinema) is taking a turn.  Their music is often really good to write to. 
One thing I've noticed about coming off a certain prescription is that I'm finally hearing music once again.  It's not that all music has stopped in the past, but it has been dampened by something.  You know how you get a song stuck in your head and you can sing along day in and day out?  Well, that was gone.  I couldn't recall music or songs or anything musical.  It's weird.  Yes, I could physically hear what was playing on the radio, but it wouldn't stick.  Once it was done, that was it, it was over. 
It's like I'm hearing this stuff for the first time once again.  While it is familiar, I've been missing it for a long, long time.  A funny thing to notice.  I guess the medication did some goofy things to my head.  It did what is was supposed to do, but all the extras were exhausting.  Now, I'm coming out of the mental fog and noticing more of what's around me. 
Gaslight Anthem just finished playing and now Phil Collins has started up.
I don't know if I mentioned it on here, but I found my notes on Oneiros.  They weren't hidden, I just simply forgot where they were.  It was on my desktop this entire time.  Along with music, I lost track of notes.  The mental fog was heavy.  But now I've been able to go over the notes, make adjustments to the story, and actually accomplish some writing.  I had gotten off track a little.  I was stumped.  I couldn't get past a certain scene and it was hanging up the entire process. 
Yiruma Radio takes a turn.
My back up hard drive started to choke last week.  I went to get a new one and came across an open box deal on a laptop that was awfully shiny.  I've skipped the back up drive for now.  I wasn't looking for a new laptop, but I was worrying about mine.  The battery was on its last leg and had left me with nothing more than a paper weight several times.  The entire system was slowing down.  I don't do anything taxing on the computer.  I don't game or render anything that makes the laptop work out.  But programs where taking awhile to load.  My machine had been a good machine for a long time. 
Josh Groban takes a turn.
The biggest thing I'm stumbling with is the mouse pad responds reverse to what I'm used to.  I know it's easy to convert, but I'll leave it alone and see how long it takes to rewire my brain. 
I've gotten way off subject.  Music.  The Calling plays.
I feel I'm coming back to earth as I knew it to be.  I've been detained for some time now and I'm a little rusty.  But I'm liking most of what I'm finding.  A bit more time and I'll be back to work, I hope.
Finding the notes on Oneiros was a huge move.  It brings back the point of the story.  The playlist was tucked away in those notes.  Now I can recall more of the feeling behind the writing.  It's been comforting. 
But now it's late and I have a few more things to finish up tonight before getting to bed.  So with that, I'll sign off while The Fray sings out a number.
Keep playing the music. (Does that mean I'm a cylon?)

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